In the packaging and printing service industry, knowing how to effectively and efficiently meet customer demands is critical. It can be difficult to determine what type of packaging design is right at all times, but it never fails to use a solid structural design approach. The important thing to remember is that the only way to meet client expectations is to know their products. What is it that they do and what exactly are their needs? Being aware of what they sell is the first step towards creating a successful packaging solution. Every customer is different, which is why companies in this field need to have the equipment and expertise on hand to complete even the most complex design projects.

What is Structural Design?

Structural design is the means with which companies utilize computerized drafting technologies (CAD) to build material shapes that are specifically suited to complement particular products, all while ensuring their safety and performance. When working with delicate or fragile materials, packaging companies should aim to strike a balance between design appeal and functionality. This in turn has a direct impact on how the customer will receive the finished product. If they feel the packaging solution is inferior, unable to meet their needs or simply lacking from an aesthetic standpoint, they will likely be dissatisfied with the service.

The field of structural design goes beyond the manufacturing of packages, as it has historically employed engineers who work with structures which need to support and resist loads. The basic premise remains the same; however,in order to maximize the marketing potential of their client’s products, packaging companies first need to thoroughly assess a few key factors. These include what exactly the package will hold, how it is going to be transported, what the client’s marketing goal is and what issues may arise in the manufacturing/assembly process. In addition, all of this needs to be performed within a budget.

Why Quality Design Matters

Having a design team that can accurately assess client needs and formulate a packaging solution to meet their requirements is very important. You can certainly develop and manufacture a package which excels in keeping the products safe, but if the design element is lacking, the client’s sales could suffer. Digital design allows companies to draft prototypes and quickly make adjustments per their customer’s requests.

The Psychology of Structural Design

Have you ever noticed the way in which companies display their products? Chances are you probably haven’t, at least on a conscious level. The way in which products are presented has a powerful effect; if done right, it can lead people to make purchases they may not have otherwise. As a way of testing this theory, take a look at the two images below. Without thinking, which product are you naturally attracted to?

Structural Design and How It Affects Customer DecisionsYou don’t have to be a marketing whiz to know that a banana in a package is pretty absurd. This is the perfect comparison between effective and poor package design. It may seem silly, but the point cannot be stressed enough that inferiorpackages can end up costing customers a lot of revenue.

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