Food Packaging Services

Food Packaging Perhaps more than any other consumer product, food packaging needs to balance practical needs with the aesthetic demands of a competitive retail environment. While effective branding is essential, your product also needs to arrive on the store shelf, refrigerated case or freezer in pristine condition, or the consumer won’t buy. It must withstand shipping and storage, be protected from contamination by oxygen or other environmental factors, look good in wet, cold and freezing environments, and have closures that stay closed through changes in temperature. Goldrich excels in box printing and manufacturing. We understand the ins and outs of substrate strength, gluing, protective coatings, display windows, detailed finishing, grease resistance, and tolerances for moisture and extreme temperature. We believe that food packaging, because it makes up a significant percentage of solid waste, needs to be environmentally friendly. We offer our clients “extreme-green” packaging options, including paperboard made from 100% recycled fibres, which is 100% recyclable and 100% carbon neutral. Goldrich uses only low-odour vegetable-based inks, Health Canada approved for direct-contact food surfaces, as well as a variety of no-odour cold starch glues approved for boxed food use. We provide our clients with a full-service co-packing solution, strictly adhering to quality assurance processes. For further assurance that your product will arrive at retailers in perfect condition we create structural packages, packed with your product, to test shipping durability. Any necessary design changes can then be made to guarantee damage-free delivery before your product leaves for the stores.