Custom Printing Services

Our electronic pre-press design department is dedicated to ensuring that the technical aspects of your print job - from planning, processing and proofing to plate making – are done to exacting professional standards. Goldrich produces all offset printing plates in-house using modern computer-to-plate equipment. In addition to standard screen dot printing, we encourage and promote stochastic screening to deliver extraordinarily fine image detail and colour for the most brilliantly vibrant packaging. Goldrich prints using vegetable based, non-toxic, low VOC and direct contact eco-certified inks, giving our clients confidence that their products are 100% consumer safe.


Goldrich has mastered the art of printing on paper, paperboard, fine flute corrugated substrates and a vast array of plastics. We offer a full range of finishing options, from spot coating to foil stamping, to help you realize the most sophisticated packaging solutions. Our multi-colour offset lithographic presses are capable of a wide variety of size formats, with our latest acquisition offering intricate 10-colour printing that enables us to do multiple functions in one pass, producing a finished product off the end of the press.


We offer a full line service to be able to glue from the most simple to the most complex structures. Our capabilities include: Straight Line, Four Corner, Six Corner, Automatic Crush lock glued bottom boxes and a vast array of carriers and other speciality glued boxes.

Goldrich Has a Vision

Goldrich has a vision to be among the world’s most innovative corporations in reducing the environmental impact of our business, while being a valuable resource to our clients in their efforts to do the same.

Varnish and Coatings

Varnishes and coatings add an extra layer of protection to packaging. When used as a spot coating, they can add new dimensions of interest and elegance to your package design. Textured coatings in clear or coloured lacquer add a tactile effect to packaging. They can be applied as a pattern or to highlight a particular graphic element. A scented coating, such as banana and chocolate, can be added to enhance the sensory appeal of packaging, signage and displays. Spot matte varnish featured on Page 4. Textured varnish featured on Page 9. A final aqueous coating helps to avoid smudging of the ink, and is the best overprint for environmental impact, while a UV coating keeps colours bright and adds a glossy protective finish. Image appeal is enhanced.

ISO 9001:2015

Goldrich is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, an acknowledgement of our commitment to quality management practices. The standard provides a framework for taking a systematic approach to managing processes so that the company consistently turns out product that satisfies customers’ expectations. It includes a requirement for continual improvement of our Quality Management System.

ISO 14001:2015

In 2009, Goldrich received ISO 14001:2015 certification. This internationally accepted standard specifies the requirements for an environmental management system. Obtaining this certification demonstrates our ongoing efforts to effectively measure, manage and continuously improve our environmental performance.

FSC® Certified

We’re proud to offer products that carry the FSC® Certified stamp of approval. It’s our assurance to customers that these products originate from responsibly managed forests and meet strict environmental criteria at each stage of the production chain. For every tree used for FSC® certified products, nearly two new trees are planted. This certification is an important step in our efforts to become a greener company – and part of a meaningful cultural shift towards greater sustainability.