Packaging Terms

CMYK ! Cyan, magenta, yellow and black SPOT COLOUR ! Special colour ARTWORK ! Creative design SCREENS ! A percentage of a solid colour DIE LINE ! Cutting pattern CCNB ! Clay coated newsback SBS ! Solid bleached sulfate FREEZER BOARD ! Moisture resistant coated stock used in freezers BOARD ! Another name for stock or raw material OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY ! Printing process-image transfer from plate to blanket to stock C/1/S ! Coated one side stock COLOUR PROOF ! Colour simulation of a design LAYOUT ! How the design or printed sheet is configured CAD SAMPLE ! Machine cut blank prototype NUMBER UP ! Refers to number of items on a printed sheet COMBO RUN ! Combination of items run together on a printed sheet TANDEM RUN ! Multiple items run one after another COATINGS ! UV, Aqueous & Blister, Skinpack, Grease and Freezer Resistant EMBOSSING ! Creating a raised image effect on a printed sheet DEBOSSING ! Creating a depression effect on a printed sheet STOCHASTIC SCREENING ! Digital screening process-also called FM screening CTP ! Digital thermal plate making (Computer To Plate) CELLO WINDOW ! Clear film covering an aperture or window FOIL STAMPING ! Applying a foil film via a heated die pressed into the surface CALIPER ! Refers to thickness of stock or board materials DIE CUTTING ! Cutting items out of the printed sheet using a cutting die UPC CODES ! Universal product codes printed on cartons used to identify a product or sku FULFILLMENT/CO-PACKING SERVICES ! Blister & Skin Packaging, Sonic & High Frequency Sealing, Shrink Wrapping, Display Assembly and Pack Out. RFID & SENSORMATIC TAGGING ! Tags used to prevent packaging theft INK JETTING ! Date Codes, Marking & Imprinting Batch & Lot Numbers