Blister Packaging

Blister packaging has been the staple of our success for over 50 years and has been recognized for our award-winning packaging & design as a result. In these competitive retail environments innovation, quality and inventiveness matters. In today’s highly saturated markets rich, captivating blister packaging designs are critical in getting your brand off the shelf and into the consumer’s hand.


Blister packaging designs need to be distinctive yet durable at the same time. Although one might perceive a simplistic approach to blister packaging it is often the simplest package design that commands the greatest attention. Textured coatings, embossing, foil stamping and other finishing techniques allow for luxury in a minimalist blister packaging design.

Canadian owned and operated since 1953, Toronto-based Goldrich Printpak works closely with our clients in the planning stages to provide the most rewarding solutions; our capabilities, graphic design and printing expertise allow us to excel in producing innovative yet sustainable blister packaging. We will not only recommend the most effective packaging solutions, but can provide full creative execution, build prototypes for focus testing, and will even help clients define appropriate channels of distribution.

To speak with a Goldrich Printpak representative about your blister packaging needs, call 1-855-838-1821 or fill out the online form. (Please note, our minimum order volume is 10,000).