Hot foil stamping is a printing technique that includes a method of lithography where dried foils are transferred to the surface of packaging material using extremely hot temperatures. This system was created centuries ago and provides a non-polluting method of stamping.

Foil Stamping

A machine is most often used to employ this method. Hot foil stamping can be dangerous due to the extreme temperatures needed for its application, but with skilled technicians and advanced technology, the process has become much easier over the past few decades.

Gold stamping is perhaps the most popular form of hot foil stamping. The gold gives an embossed look to the packaging that cannot otherwise be imitated through other methods of lithography.

How Does the Machine Work?

The machine uses a die or press that has been made with a mirrored image of the design. The die is heated to a high temperature then pressed down onto the material being stamped. A foil leaf roller lies between the press and the material, which creates the gold to only adhere and emboss to reflect the writing or detail that is desired.

The machines for hot foil stamping can also be used with dyes, not just foils. These special pieces of machinery should only be used by professionals and can cause extreme harm if not handled properly. Without the right equipment, hot foil stamping would be difficult to achieve.

Why Should I Choose Hot Foil Stamping for My Packaging Products?

Hot foil stamping has become a popular and desired form of creating a unique package for products. It’s a process that is otherwise hard to imitate without the proper tools and equipment. The uniqueness allows for packaging products to stand out, and creates an illumination that is hard to achieve through other methods of embossment. It is also a form of non-pollutant detailing which helps keep the environment safer!

The multiple layers of foil coatings are transferred to the product usually after dye is applied. This then creates a beautiful sheen. There are different kinds of foil that can be used, depending on what you feel is better for your product. Pigment foils, metallic foils, and even holographic foils are all popular options.

Give your packaging unique detailing by selecting the hot foil stamping for its detailing. It will be sure to stand out among the other products and create an exceptionally stunning sheen.

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