Fragile ProductsWhether you are a full-fledged online business or an occasional seller on Amazon or eBay, there may be times when you need to ship fragile items to a customer. Glass, computers, china and antiques are items that can easily break if not boxed and shipped properly. From the time the item is boxed to the time it reaches the customer, the item has likely traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles, either on a plane or a delivery truck.

Understanding how to package the item is of utmost importance. No customer wants to pay for an item that arrives in hundreds of pieces. Therefore, in order to ensure your customers are satisfied and willing to use your company for future business, it’s a good idea to invest time and effort in the boxing and shipping process.

What to Consider

Before beginning the packaging process, first determine the size, shape and weight of contents. Fragile products are difficult to handle. They may be stacked in a warehouse and put on a pallet. Considering these situations, sturdy packaging is critical.

Packaging the Product

Proper packaging involves creating a buffer around the item and the box, which will take the brunt of any impact. This involves wrapping the item in bubble wrap or foam. Newspaper does not act as a good buffer. The item should not be able to be felt through the wrapping.

Some people try to save money by using the smallest box possible, but a snug fit offers no protection, Instead, place the item in the center of the box and leave at least 1 inch of room on all sides. Add packing peanuts around the item to serve as a cushion.

Once the item has been packaged, the next step is to securely tape the box. This means taping across all seams in an “H” pattern. You should also add “Fragile” tape and stickers to inform drivers and employees that the box contain breakable items.

Once done, you should feel comfortable dropping the box from a 6 foot height. This is the ultimate test of secure packing. If you have concerns, then more packaging is required.

Ship Your Products With Confidence

Goldrich Printpak understands your packaging needs. If you don’t feel comfortable shipping a package on your own, leave it to us. We are a full-service packaging company that has helped customers with their packaging and shipping needs since 1953. Contact us today at (416) 769-9000 for a consultation.

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