Goldrich Printpak Inc. has always provided products and services that meet customers’ needs and contribute to the world we live in. We offer products that minimize environmental impact on global resources and maintain the safety of the products that end up in the hands of consumers.

FSSC 22000 Certification

We’re now proud to be recognized for our accomplishments in food safety by receiving the prestigious FSSC 22000 V3 certification. It’s an honor that few Canadian companies can claim, and is a powerful validation of our ongoing efforts.

We continue to produce quality products that contribute to the services our clients provide their customers, while making them the leaders within their industries.

Why We Keep Your Food Safe

Food packaging has to meet a number of goals. Not only are there practical concerns relating to shipping and marketing, but food has to be processed appropriately to ensure safety for consumers.

As food is shipped all over the world, it has to be protected from many of the common hazards that compromise its safety. These can occur anywhere along the food supply chain, and must be constantly evaluated to ensure the highest level of safety.

This risk led to an increased demand for the FSSC 22000 certification within a number of food industries. Having been recognized as a leader in providing superior product packaging for our clients, we are now excited to receive this certification as part of our goals in improving the services we provide.

The FSSC 22000 Certification

Managing the world's food safety is a daunting task. The FSSC 22000 certification is part of a worldwide system that establishes the requirements for managing the global food supply.

The exclusive certification has been granted to us in light of our achievements in meeting the requirements, and in our commitment to maintaining these standards throughout our company’s operations and overall vision.

A Sign of Our Ongoing Commitment

Receiving the FSSC 22000 certification gives us the recognition to ensure that our clients provide leading ways of ensuring food safety within their industries. Our own commitment to food safety in the work we do is further enhanced through this prestigious recognition.

Goldrich Printpak Inc. continues to provide confidence in our clients and their customers as they maintain the highest level of product safety management. We have the ability to track the food supply on a national and global scale, while maintaining our conscious efforts in ongoing improvements in sustainability.

Receiving the highly sought-after FSSC 22000 certification is an honor that we’re proud to extend to our clients. It’s a symbol of our contribution to the global market and the benefits to consumers. Goldrich Printpak Inc. accepts this certification with the goal of continuing on this path and improving the value we provide for the future.

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