Today, operating from a 67,700 sq.ft. facility, we are an integrated full-service packaging partner meeting every need from concept and design through to finished packaging and co-packaging. In keeping with a commitment to excellence and customer service, our greatest passion today is environmental stewardship. We are continually moving towards products and processes that don’t deplete resources or add to our carbon footprint, enabling our clients to become leaders in sustainability in their own industries. Goldrich has been a member of the Packaging Association of Canada (PAC) for over two decades.

From our earliest days as a commercial printer and lithographer, Goldrich Printpak Inc. has understood that innovative, high-quality packaging is vital to the success of our clients’ products. With packaging innovations since our inception in 1953, expanding our services to new markets and adopting new technologies, materials and design innovations to ensure our clients are always on the leading edge of change.

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