Creating that one-of-a-kind wedding favor package can help guests remember the fun and excitement of your special occasion, but it can often be difficult to craft unique and interesting wedding favor packages during the busy wedding day preparations.

Wedding Favor Package Design

That’s why it’s beneficial to work with experts in the package design field! Let’s look at five clever ideas that will add to the resplendence of your wedding day.

1. Cake Slice Packaging

Why not give guests a piece of cake they can treasure long after the wedding day is over? A cake slice shaped box is ideal for those occasions in which small wedding favors are to be handed to guests.

Another advantage of the cake slice package design is it can act as a centerpiece on tables when guests arrive, as the pieces fit together to form a cohesive round sign. For that added elegance, you might consider adding artificial cherries or artificial whipped cream toppings.

2. Cotton Drawstring Bags

A unique advantage to using cotton drawstring bags for wedding favor packaging is that it allows the guest to re-use the package after the event has been completed.

For those looking for an environmental-approach to their big day, this type of design represents the perfect choice. Designers can also add unique graphics to the exterior of the bag for that personal touch.

3. Luggage Containers

The leading choice for any destination wedding, small luggage container designs can help capture the theme for the event. The exterior of the luggage container design could feature a postcard style picture of the happy couple.

4. Custom Flower Posts

That unique garden party wedding wouldn’t be complete without specially designed flower pots as wedding favor packaging. The use of plant pots allows organizers to be creative with their wedding favors. They could simply give plants to their guests, but they could use the plant pots as holders for small photos and other keepsakes from the event.

5. Candle Holders

A candle holder package design is an elegant way of celebrating your special occasion with friends and family. The package can include the candle and can then be used by the guests to celebrate their own romantic occasions with loved ones.

Memorable wedding favors don’t have to be expensive or elaborate! Consider these creative box designs for your important occasion. Our trusted packaging design specialists are ready to help bring your creative aspirations to stunning reality.

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