Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging ServicesPharmaceutical industries operate in an increasingly competitive environment and are subject to highly stringent regulations. Balancing the need for shelf presence with consumer information and safety is an ongoing challenge. With many OTC products, packaging is the only interaction between the company and the consumer, demanding highly focused and effective communication in an extremely small space. Creativity in design and labeling is essential to accommodating both your brand and mandated consumer information. Goldrich provides comprehensive pharmaceutical packaging services that range from structural and graphic design through to folding cartons, custom blister packaging, clamshells, vacuum forming, skin packaging, inserts, various skin boards and other printed items. We are familiar with the requirements of regulatory agencies and ease the approval process by getting things right the first time. We can also address your concerns for safety and security with tamper evident seals and shrink wrapping that guarantee the integrity of the product, and anti-theft sensor tags and RFID smart chips that minimize theft. Once your product leaves our facility, we track and trace our shipping containers and provide security seals on delivery vehicles to ensure the shipment gets where it’s going intact. The need for innovation in packaging structure, performance and marketing appeal has never been greater. Goldrich has the experience to deliver pharmaceutical packaging that works on every level.