Custom Packaging ServicesThese days, the latest rage in almost every industry is “going green.” With more and more awareness spreading about global warming and other environmental issues, eco-friendly solutions are finally being given the attention they deserve. With that, we’re excited to share with you our top picks for environmentally friendly packaging ideas.

  1. Re-use Boxes
  2. The most obvious option, is simply re-using the boxes you already have! Yes, throwing your old packaging into the recycling bin is more preferable than simply tossing it in the trash but repurposing old delivery packages and shoeboxes to wrap gifts, store odds and ends, and transport items is even better!

  3. Skip the Cardboard
  4. Sure cardboard is functional, flexible, and exceedingly useful. That said, glass and plastic containers have more longevity and can be used over and over again, cutting down on a tonne of paper waste. You might also want to take a peak in your cupboards and pull out some of those old cookie tins that have been collecting dust since last Christmas. Even better, they’re usually sturdy and can hold heavier objects.

  5. Go Biodegradable
  6. Not all boxes are bad for the environment. These days, a lot of cardboard and packaging is made from 100% recycled and eco-friendly materials. Look for special labels on packaging that signifies biodegradable or recycled materials.

  7. Repurpose Old Jars
  8. Especially mason jars and mugs can be a great alternative to boxes when it comes to giving gifts. Next time you empty a jar of pasta or jam, wash it out and use it to store office supplies or loose change.

  9. Collect Gift-bags
  10. Birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays are the best time to stock up on packaging that can be used all year-round. Instead of tossing out gift-bags and boxes, store them and re-use them next time you’ve got to wrap a hostess gift or birthday present. It’s much more eco-friendly then buying new gift wrapping supplies!

In the 21st century, we’re becoming increasingly aware that we’ve only got one Earth, and we’d better treat it right. Re-evaluating your packaging choices is a great start to improving the state of our environment, and these are just a few of many ideas to go-green. If you’ve got any other ideas for environmentally friendly alternatives to boxes, we’d love to hear about them!

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